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Numbers Count is a national teaching programme designed for children who are struggling with skills in number. The programme is taught by a specialist teacher who has qualified to deliver the programme by attending training run by Edgehill University. The teacher seeks to discover where the child is in their mathematical thinking prior to writing and delivering a series of up to sixty lessons specifically for that child. The aim is for the child to develop their confidence in maths  and  understanding of number through a range of practical and real life situations. Numbers Count teachers use discussion and a huge range of practical equipment. Pupils are encouraged to explain where they are struggling and to try different ways of working to overcome any difficulties. In our school Mrs.Jones is a qualified Numbers Count teacher who works across the Federation. Her role is to identify where children struggle and to work with them to move them forward in terms of their progress in Number. This programme has running for two years in Key Stage One and for a year in Key Stage 2.


Message from Mrs Jones

I am delighted to be trained in this area and be able to work with the children to help them develop their skills and most importantly their confidence in Number. By working with children individually in a designated, maths orientated teaching area I have the opportunity to get to know the child very well and gain an insight into their mathematical thinking. It is extremely rewarding to help children develop their confidence and to work with them and their families. There have been many successes for the children involved in this programme and I look forward to continuing to develop it at Fryern, by working closely with my colleagues in both schools to share ideas and methods of working. As part of my role I work with parents and carers advising them as to how to help their child in the most effective ways. I am always keen to meet with parents and I run regular workshops to share and demonstrate easy ideas in Number which they can use at home to help their child. Please check the page for regular updates and news about Numbers Count. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more.



Young children need to develop a sense of number, what numbers mean, where they are found, their value and what their function is. Practical experience of numbers is essential.

Generate interest in numbers in every context i.e house numbers, numbers in shops, ages, shoe size, numbers on phones, cars etc

Draw attention to numbers in everyday use i.e labels, scales ,clocks, T.V stations, calendars

Draw attention to numbers in familiar places i.e home/car/school/shops/homes of other family members/shops/places visited.

Count everything and at every opportunity!

Apples into bags, stairs, passing cars, people in bus queue, windows on buildings, Lego bricks, plastic toys, books on shelves, cutlery on table, shoes on floor, dried pasta loaded into toy trucks, buttons, cakes, straws, tins……..

Count in twos by pairing up socks, shoes, wellies, animals

When counting ask questions such as:

  • What is one more than/one less than? What is the total?

  • What is the number after/before?

  • What is the number between?

  • Can you double the number?

  • Can you share things into equal groups?

  • Who has more/less?

  • Is 4 larger than 3?

  • Count forwards and backwards…start with 1-10 then 1-20

  • Count in twos and tens

  • Sing number songs, read stories with a number theme, play number games i.e dominoes

  • Jump/clap/skip/hop/tap out when counting

Most importantly…talk about numbers and have fun!