Values & Ethos

Growing Together, Learning for Life.


Vision statement

Nurturing the whole child to develop into ambitious, curious, respectful, resilient and reflective learners who are equipped to achieve academically, socially and emotionally with a strong sense of belonging.



At Fryern we encourage everyone to develop a strong sense of identity, self-worth and happiness with a thirst for learning. Our vibrant and engaging curriculum means that we have a commitment to learning beyond the classroom.  We are committed to the pursuit of the very best outcomes for all our children.

We aim to achieve this through:

  • Creating a culture of inclusion and respect

  • Providing high quality teaching and learning, memorable and purposeful experiences, high levels of challenge and support

  • Valuing and promoting opportunities for talk and reflection

  • Structuring a broad and balanced curriculum that builds on prior knowledge and understanding through the development of key skills using initiative, being prepared, collaboration, making connections.

  • Creating opportunities to explore and be curious

  • Enabling pupils to become confident to pursue their own interests, brave to take risks and independent and motivated to learn

  • Working in close collaboration with each other, parents and other agencies, schools and the wider community

  • Valuing the ideas and celebrating the achievement, successes and individuality of everyone.


Our values

At Fryern we have a set of values that underpin the children’s spiritual, moral, cultural and social development and learning.  As a school we decided what values are important to us and we strongly believe that they are central to our development. We have designed a broad and balanced curriculum incorporating learning both inside and outside the classroom that inspires these values:

  • Curiosity: We have a strong desire to learn about new things

  • Respect: We are respectful of each other, recognising and valuing our differences of ourselves, of our community and of the environment.

  • Ambition: We challenge ourselves to do the things we never thought we’d be able to

  • Reflection: We reflect on our learning to help us know what we did that will help in the future. We reflect on how we act and the choices we make.

  • Resilience: We keep trying even when we find learning tricky or make mistakes