Meet the Governors

Governors provide strategic leadership and accountability and have an important part to play in raising school standards. To ensure the Governing Body has the relevant expertise to carry out its core duties effectively, governors have been appointed with different skill sets. In addition, it is important for governors to be familiar with the school and its community. Decisions are the joint responsibility of the governing body, so individual governors do not act independently. Governors are appointed for a period of four years and may seek re-election if eligible. There are different categories of governor, but once appointed, governors are of equal standing.

Meet the Governors below

Miriam Bokhove (Chair)

In 2012, when we came to the Chandler’s Ford area, four of my children started their education at Fryern with hardly any understanding of the English language. In autumn 2017, my youngest son will be the only one still remaining at the junior school.  All the teachers and staff have put in a lot of effort to help them settle into their classes, make them feel safe and communicate with them. This is a good example of how the Fryern Schools try to provide a positive learning environment for children of all abilities and backgrounds, in order for them to flourish.

Ever since, I have been active in the school by regularly volunteering my time listening to readers and helping in class activities/ on trips. I have always been actively involved at my children’s schools as I believe in giving back to the community if you can. In 2015 I became a governor, which really helped my understanding of the education system and the primary curriculum. It is a privilege to be able to work with the school towards its aim to provide a good education and lots of opportunities to grow for all children and where possible help the school a little in becoming an even better school.

Natalie Jerams 

I have two children currently at Fryern and also attended the school many years ago myself. I was elected as a Co-opted Governor in 2016. I work for Hampshire County Council within Internal Audit as an Audit Manager and my background is auditing systems and processes within schools and the wider Children’s Services Department. I wanted to become a Governor in order to share my knowledge and experiences with the school and for me to gain a better understanding of how the school operates. I am enjoying working with the school and helping support the school in anyway I can whilst also developing new skills and knowledge myself. Fryern really is a great school and I feel lucky to be a part of it both as a parent and a Governor!

Angela Morrow (Head Teacher)

I became Headteacher of the Fryern Federation in September 2010 having worked in Hampshire and Portsmouth schools for many years. The headteacher, by nature of its role, always works as a member of the school’s governing body. My vision for Fryern is that it is respected and admired as a school of excellence because learning is irresistible; children develop a lifelong love of learning and every child flourishes. Fryern with its ethos founded on Rights, Respect and Responsibilities is a very special place in which to work and learn.

Sarah Roberts (Deputy Head)

I was elected as a co-opted governor in 2015 having previously been a staff governor. It is pleasure to be part of governing body who work together to ensure that children leave Fryern well prepared for the opportunities ahead of them. I passionately believe in providing children with the best opportunities to reach their potential, in an environment they will enjoy.

Nicky Board (Business Manager)

I have been involved with Fryern schools since my children started here in 1996, firstly as a parent governor and since 2000 a staff governor. I enjoy being part of a governing team that continues to support our pupils’ learning and helps them to achieve their best. I am proud to be a staff member in a school that gives ALL children a safe and caring environment in which they can grow into lifelong learners and confident individuals.

Jane Spencer

I have three children currently at the school, my youngest just started in September. Aside from being a governor , I enjoy being an active member of the Acorns PTA and work locally running an engineering company. I was elected as a parent governor in 2016.  I became a governor so that I could understand how the school works and to be able to support and encourage the positive development of all of our children during their primary education to help them reach their full potential.

Clair Phillips

I became a governor in 2013 when my eldest son started school in Year R.  I love how Fryern actively promotes such strong links with the community.  I am also an assistant head in a Southampton school so I am passionate about working with children.   I now have 2 sons across the schools, and being a governor is my chance to give something back to the place that works so hard for my children. I feel privileged to be in this position and enjoy playing my part in ensuring that Fryern continues to keep up its high standards of education and care.

Paula Moorse

I became a governor at Fryern Infant School over 20 years ago continuing in the role when the two schools federated in 2009.  My two children came to this school and I now have grandchildren whose ages range from 7 to 19 years old, three of whom have been to schools in the local area. Prior to my retirement I spent 30 years working in education as a primary school teacher, in Hampshire’s Inspection and Advisory Service, at the University of Winchester and as an overseas consultant. I now Chair the Curriculum and Standards Committee.

In becoming a school governor I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences with the schools at Fryern. I am passionate about the educational opportunities we offer children. I want to be part of a team that not only supports children in their learning,  helping  them achieve their personal best but also to support the staff in the continual changes that we face in this complex world of Education.

Dave Keating

I have had a varied career, from Baker to Caretaker! I am a practical person who likes DIY/construction, travel, adventure, cooking, music, church & family. Also, surprisingly, along with the travel, I found I have a gift for learning languages. Only 26 years after leaving school. During my time as a caretaker I joined the school’s board of governors, as the non-teaching staff governor, for 4 years. So, when the opportunity to serve on a governing body at Fryern arose, I took it. I am a co-opted governor & want to see Fryern Federation & its’ children thrive. I have been married for 44 years. Have 3, grown up children and 7 grandchildren. Even better, in 3 weeks’ time I am going to retire. From paid work that is.

I believe that it is right to provide the best for our children so that they grow educationally, physically, emotionally, ethically & personally into well educated, rounded & grounded people, who will take their place in society, both giving & receiving to & from their community. That’s why I am doing governance.

Karen Murray (Vice Chair)

James Eldred