Please see below our Impact Statement

Governor Impact Statement 2019

The three core functions of the Governors are:
1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
2. Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and
its pupils, and the performance management of the staff
3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well

The work of the Governors is focused on meeting these requirements. We know our schools
well, listen to our stakeholders and external advisers and feel secure that the statutory
and legal requirements are met. We maintain a strong focus on effective safeguarding of
children and adults in the school.

1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
We aim to ensure the best outcomes for the children both now and in the future. Our role is
to work with the senior leadership team to set objectives for the strategic development of
the school and raise standards. The governing body is here to act as a critical friend and
provide both support and challenge to the school.

We have reached out to our stakeholders and will continue to do so to get a clear
understanding of their expectations.

Governors work with staff to be a mutually supportive, motivated community. We enjoy
working as a team and have high expectations. We encourage through praise and reward,
value everyone and enable everyone to believe in themselves; value life-long learning, enjoy
finding new ways of thinking and learning; take responsibility for our own actions, enjoy
sharing our successes and embrace challenges. We value the support of parents and the
wider community.

2. Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and
its pupils, and the performance management of the staff.
The Governing Body has strategy groups which are linked to the School Improvement Plan
[SIP]. Each of the groups, Maths, English, Pupil Premium, SEND, and Early Years Foundation
Stage, has monitored the development of specific aspects of the SIP.

We have continued our annual monitoring cycle which includes these key elements:

 Full Governing Body action plan [included in the Governor section of the website]
 Governing Body Self Evaluation
 Governing Body Skills Audit
 Evaluation of Action plans
 Providing an Annual Impact statement

In order to hold the Senior Leadership Team to account on the school’s performance we

 Set action plans for monitoring
 Ensured governors’ training is up to date especially with regard to Safeguarding
and Safer Recruitment.

School Improvement Plan priorities have been monitored and evaluated in a number of
supportive and challenging ways. Challenging questions have been asked during
committee meetings and Key Evaluative Questions for Governors included in the SIP have
been addressed at the end of each term. Governor school visits have been reported and
discussed. Some have had a subject focus or been related to key school policies.

Governors prepared for and took an active part in the successful Ofsted Inspections of
both the Infant and the Junior Schools.

Many governors have attended school events. Our annual Learning Walk has been used to
focus on the wider curriculum including: Science, Art, DT, Geography, History, and provision
for vulnerable groups.

Governors have been involved in meetings about the new Junior School Building in order to
ensure the best possible outcomes to meet the needs of the Federation and its

Reports of visits and minutes of meetings form a substantial record of the impact of
Governors and the contribution we make to the success of the school.

The Curriculum and Standards Committee has contributed to the development and
evaluation of the School Improvement Plan and reviewed relevant policies. They have also
focused on the attainment and progress made by the various groups of children at
strategic points during the year. Data was made available to Governors throughout the
year and was discussed in detail.

Particular scrutiny was placed on pupil attainment and progress: including those with
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities; More Able children; and pupils with English as an
Additional language. The progress of Vulnerable and Pupil Premium children is a continuing

The Pay Review and Performance Management Committee have carried out review
meetings, holding the Head Teacher to account for the progress and attainment of all
pupils and the meeting of performance targets by all members of staff.

3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well
Designated Finance Governors have worked very closely with the Schools Business
Manager and Senior Leadership team in setting and monitoring the budget. The budget is a
focus in all Full Governor Meetings. This has been within the context of increased financial
pressures in the education sector.

The school has benefited from additional contributions made by the Parent/Teacher
Group the Acorns. Governors appreciate the hard work of those involved.

Development and training needs of Governors

We completed our own self-evaluation by reviewing our previous action plan and
identifying action points to support new and existing member of the Governing Body. We
have undertaken a skills audit where no key gaps were identified. Throughout the year
governors have undertaken training in a variety of areas.

A priority was to ensure all governors had up to date knowledge and understanding of “The
Keeping Children Safe in Education”.

Our Action Plan for 2018-19 has been reviewed and discussed using the success criteria as
a focus for discussion. The majority of targets have been met; and for those areas that
need further development, our evaluation will inform our action plan for 2019-20.