Welcome to the Religious Education page


Each religious faith has activities and information about the faiths around the world. The key faiths explored at Fryern are:

Yr 5 and 6 – Christianity and Hinduism
Yr 3 and 4 – Sikhism and Christianity
Infants – Judaism and Christianity

Here are some activities you can try

Create a fact file about each key faith and find out what the key symbols are.
What is the special book associated with each faith? How is it kept?
What special stories are told to each community?
Pilgrimages- what special pilgrimages does each faith embark on? Why?
How does each faith support their community – for example the Sikh faith in Southampton provide food for those in need on a weekly basis. How does each faith welcome their followers – for example in Christianity babies are baptised. What other special ceremonies take place? Describe them in detail.
Where does each faith worship?
Can you describe the temple/church What are the features of each location? What does it look like?
Can you draw a diagram to explain what these special features are? Why are they important? (For example in a church you will find a font near the door…this is where children are baptised and welcomed into the faith).

Primary homework help – this website will help you with your research above

For Upper school take a look at this Powerpoint, it contains fun things to discuss with your family, with over 170 things to discuss it will keep you busy!