Welcome to the ICT and Computing page

See below for lots of links to help you get creative with your ICT skills

Scratch – create an account and get coding

hour of code – coding activities for all ages, can you recreate any of these games in Scratch?

Idea.org – digital enterprise award scheme you can complete online

Code for life – learn how to code

Digital 5 a day – how to achieve a health digital diet

Research and communication – IT activities and tasks

Data and programming – programming activities and tasks

Multimedia authoring – creative IT activities

Digital creativity – art and design computing

Text and graphics – text and graphic IT activities

Use this time to improve your keyboard skills so you can type faster using these training sessions. Some of you may have had a go at this in school in the past. See how fast you can get!

10 unplugged activities for teaching computing at home

Bitesize-Learn computing terminology – lots of questions answered

Barefoot- Computing at home

https://www.barclays.co.uk/digital-confidence/eagles/ – build your digital skills with Barclays