Starting School in Year R (Reception)

 Parents are delighted with the way their children have settled into school life. They are clear that this is because of the work the school does to familiarise children before they start.” Ofsted 2014

“Children in the Reception class thrive because the adults have high expectations of them. Teachers know just what children need to learn well.” Ofsted 2014

Children are admitted to the school at the beginning of the school year in which they are five (measured from September 1st). Children join us from many pre-schools in the area and all children are invited to come to school on pre-school visits arranged during the term prior to entry. An evening meeting for parents is arranged before the first visit. Please see our starting school booklet for current dates and information. Our partnership with you as parents is invaluable in supporting your child’s education.

Our high regard for that partnership is demonstrated through our programme of home visits. As parents you have a choice of two pathways for your child’s entry into school. The first option means that children rapidly start school fulltime whereas the second option has a more staggered approach.

Parents will be given a detailed programme for induction at the parents’ evening meeting. In addition to this, the school runs a series of ‘Friendship Club’ afternoons from May to July.  This is an opportunity for new children and parents to socialise and familiarise themselves with the school environment and staff in a relaxed atmosphere before school starts in September.

 ‘The friendship club was a fantastic idea- it let all the year R kids meet and play before they started on the big school ladder. They all got on really well and it certainly helped my daughter’s transition into school. (It also helped me as I seemed to be dreading the first day more than her!). Another good thing was that the Mums also got chatting and we are now good friends and we have a good network. I would certainly recommend the friendship club to all those who are starting in September. It was the best thing for me and my daughter’.

Starting School at a different time

For the children who move into the area during their infant or junior school career, contact is made wherever possible with the previous school so that records of work can be obtained and disruption to progress can be avoided as far as possible. Parents wishing to visit the school, with children, before the date of admission are warmly welcomed. Please call to make an appointment. We will aim to offer a transition visit for your child wherever possible. If your child has any specific educational needs please let us know so that we can discuss these further with you and make any necessary arrangements.

Transfer to the Junior School for Year 3

“Pupils settle quickly into Year 3 because staff work hard to make the transition smooth.” Ofsted 2014

Children usually transfer to Fryern Junior School at the end of Year 2 (7 years). Parents will need to complete an admissions form. The deadline for applying for a year 3 place is in January. Please see the admissions policy for current information. Further details are available on request.

As the infant and junior schools are federated, transition is very smooth for the infant children. Each week the infant classes go to the junior school to use the ICT suite, they often attend joint assemblies and take part in shared activities with the junior school which eases transition.

Before joining the junior school in September your child will have:

  • met their new teacher at the infant school
  • visited us several times
  • worked with children in year 3
  • spent an entire day with their new teacher and class.

You will be invited to an Induction Evening in the summer term where you meet all the members of staff who will be involved in your child’s education when they join the junior school. You will also have the opportunity to tour the school.

Transition to Secondary School

  • All children will have the opportunity to visit their new school towards the end of the summer term. They will usually spend a whole day there. Prior to the visit, their year 7 lead teacher will bring a group of year 10 pupils here to talk to the children.
  • During your child’s last year with us you will receive a ‘Parents’ Secondary School Booklet’ prepared by the Area Education Officer outlining provision in the area. Each school holds open evenings which give you and your child the opportunity to tour the school and ask any questions. This will give you all the information you need to help you make the application for a secondary school place. You will then receive confirmation of the allocated school.